Rules And Regulation

1.    Students coming by their own convenience must arrive to the school before the bell rings.
2.    No student will be allowed to attend the classes without school uniform.
3.    Politeness and courtesy of speech and conduct be inculated as well as cleanliness in dress and
person. It is requested to maintain the dignity of the school.
4.    Use of foul and abusive languages is punishable offence. No shouting or whistling is allowed inside the school campus.
5.    Students are expected to respect the school properties.
6.    Any damage of school property by a students will not be excused and the fine will be charged on him/her. The decision of the principal regarding the amount will be final.
7.    Regular attendance is expected of each student. If a student does not have 85% of the attendance for the year, he will not be considered for permission to the next class.
8.    No student should leave the school during teaching hours without the knowledge and permission of the principal. An application for leave or absence mentioning cause will be considered.
9.    Student suffering from contagious or infections diseases will not be permitted to attend school. After recovery a medical ceritificate is to submitted. In special circumstances the students may be sent with known guardian with the permission of the principal.
10.    The student should bring with them the required books, copies and instruments boxes.
11.    The students  will enter into the computer room after taking their shoes off. They must be absolutely careful while working with the computer and follow the instructions given by the teachers strictly.
12.    Since M.J.R.P. is a co-educational school, it is expected that the students will behave in the way which brings good name to the school.
13.    The school manages excursion and educational tour for student in academic session.
14.    Indisciplined student can be punished and they can be dismissed from the school at the time of need.