“Success will never lower its standard to accommodate us.

We have to raise our standards to achieve it”


In every child born into this world there is a fresh and radiant possibility. Somewhere near me is a child who will write the greatest novel or paint the greatest picture or carve the greatest statue of her age. I am privileged to have been bestowed with the responsibility to discover the ‘genius’ in every child.

I believe in inspiring the child to choose the good, the true and the beautiful and to contribute to the happiness of others in words and deed. My greatest joy is to nurture in every child kindness, gentleness, peace, truth, hope, faith love, reverence for god and respect for age and consideration for each other…

At The Ever Green Public School, our endeavour is to provide education at par with the global standards which exposes the students to new and conflicting paradigms. Eventually it enables them to be a better listener, a better observer and ultimately a better innovator and communicator. We believe in the philosophy of imparting education which enable our students to discover themselves, their environment and the world. We ensure that we empower them to make rational choices and be independent decision makers.

We are glad that we got the privilege to be an integral part of your child’s life and also your trust in us to help them pursue their dreams and fulfill your aspirations in the times to come.