I would like to express my heart – felt congratulations and thanks to the Principal, Teachers, Staff and Students of “Evergreen Public School” Miranpur, Ghazipur as they are publishing the schools’s Ist Trimester Bulletin 2017.

I appreciate very much the hard work of the Principal and Teachers under whose guidance the school will flourish day by day.

We believe that all children are gifted and talented in their own particular ways. Every child is unique physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually. We want our children to find their talents & interests and follow their dreams. What we endeavour in our school, is to discover the gem in every child and encourage it. At the same time, we understand that every child has their own challenges and we need to help them overcome it. At Landmark, the focus is to provide a curriculum and atmosphere in which they continue learning and developing into confident, healthy and responsible individuals. We would not like our focus to be limited to making our children just academically bright, but also make them capable of facing the world confidently with judicious use of their knowledge.

The school infrastructure is one of the tools in the development of children and we have the vision of making available the best of infrastructure to them. Towards this, we have achieved a significant part of it and our 6 acre campus lies as a testimony to it.

We understand that children are the most valuable assets of parents and every parent dreams about making their children into responsible, amazing and prosperous individual. As we know education is the basis of all progress hence, we believe that it is not just academics and extracurricular activities which are important in the school curriculum, but it is equally important to impart moral values and we are building a teaching and a learning atmosphere in the school which will aim towards the complete development of the children.